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As a contemporary portrait photographer, Christa Pauwels loves exploring the language of visual storytelling, a central theme in her practice. 

Christichka Photography, explores themes ranging from historical to contemporary, all within the guiding framework of the portrait. Inspired by experimental visual artists, fashion, design, and aesthetics; Christa infuses her diverse experiences and education, in the fashion, marketing, design and the art world, with her dozen plus years as a photographer, to create her own unique worldview, allowing for the subject to reveal itself. 

Her work has been used extensively for private clients and organizations in their visual identity and branding, as well as in their professional use. 

Christa’s first solo exhibit, Guises will be shown at Gallery 1313 from July 19-30th. You can find Christa on social media @christichka_photography


I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Christa for over five years now. She is an absolute delight to be around and her eye for the camera is incredible. Her photography is expressive and fun both in it’s own language and open interpretation. Her creativity and energy is unmatched as she works effortlessly both in front and behind the camera. I once had the opportunity to complete a photo shoot with Christa and it was amazing. She kept it fun and relaxed and had me at my best as she took the best photographs I have ever seen of myself. She is a consummate professional with a wide range of ideas and concepts and unmatched enthusiasm. I look forward to working with her again sometime soon and encourage anybody looking for a photographer to work with Christa. She is the real deal.


Christa, you and your assistant were absolutely amazing! You gave your all to ensure our vision was met and then some. Can’t thank you enough for your patience, artistic eye and braving the cold weather. Our photographs were phenomenal and exactly what we wanted. We definitely look forward to working with you again and highly recommend your services.

Karuna and Val

From the moment we arrived my daughter and I were treated like absolute stars. We got the full treatment from hair & makeup styling, the sets were different and all equally gorgeous, the photographer directed the poses and the assistants managed my three year old with love and care. The final products were absolutely magical. I’ve had nothing but amazing feedback on every single shot. I highly recommend Christichka Photography.

Pippa Chorney

Christa was able to execute my vision perfectly for in-studio shots she did for me. Not only did she capture the look and feel I was going for, she nailed every photo she directed and made me feel/look beautiful, better than I could ever have imagined! Her empathy and encouragement throughout the shoot brought out my confidence and her technical skills - both with camera and photo editing - were very much valued. She has become my go-to photographer always!

Helen Una George Creative Director

Just amazing—- such an incredible day being surrounded by wonderful women, channeling an icon! I would do it again in a heartbeat 🙂 Christa you made me feel so comfortable and wonderful about myself.

Crystal R

I have been a lifelong fan of Audrey Hepburn and it was my dream to be photographed in that classic signature Hollywood style. Christa not only made me look like Audrey but she also made me feel like Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Christa is an exceptionally talented photographer who is warm, friendly, and wildly creative. She has an eye for beauty and a true gift behind the lens. I would recommend her far and wide as a brilliant artist who reminds women of their natural beauty and makes them forget that they are posing in front of a camera.


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